Khloé Kardashian Calls Out Racist Trolls For Deleting Tweets About Baby True

Khloé Kardashian, adoring mama, loves to share pictures of her daughter True on Instagram and while 90 per cent of users comment positive words, there’s ten per cent who purposely spout racist and disgusting comments at a five-month-old baby. Now, Khloé has spoken out against the trolls.

On Twitter, the 34-year-old wrote she had replied to a number of these people with “kind” words only to have their original tweet deleted in response.

“I dislike the fact that people are allowed to comment on my daughter’s skin colour but as soon as I comment kindly back and praise her for all that she is, the comment gets erased,” Khloé tweeted.

“If you have the courage to post your nasty criticism please allow one to defend or comment back.”

The brunt of the racial hate was really sparked after sister Kim Kardashian shared an adorable picture of Chicago, Stormi, and True a little while ago. A number of comments attacked True for being “so dark” and for having a darker skin tone in comparison to her cousins while others straight out called True “ugly”. 

Others went so far as to claim True’s darker skin tone is proof Khloé’s real dad is OJ Simpson, a long-time conspiracy theory.

The hate has gotten to a point where Khloé had to turn the comments off on particular posts.

On Twitter, Khloé also replied to a number of fans offering their support and general what-the-fuck reactions to trolls targeting a baby.

“I try to put myself in their shoes and maybe they were brought up in a different type of household then I was. So instead of shaming I try to educate. In our household we do not see colour. We see emotion and action. We see love. We feed off of energy.”

In another response Khloé wrote: “We need to learn to praise all skin tones/ethnicities! Our beauty is in our difference. We learn so much! So proud of every human who is confident in who they are. I’m in my 30s I think I’m just finding this confidence. So I am patient with others. But allow me to voice mine.”