Another day, another Kardashian baby being thrust into this world not knowing it’s about to a) instantly be part of a reality show and b) be extremely, infuriatingly rich.

Well, baby Khloe Kardashian hasn’t actually entered the world just yet – but she’s pretty much ready to go, so over the weekend Khloe held a totally low-key, real low budget baby shower to celebrate her beb.

Lol. As if.

Pics from the event show a floor-to-ceiling rose wall, some sort of giant tree giraffe (Why? What?) and roses forming a canopy over a large round table. Super chill, guys.

The event was sponsored by Amazon, which is probs how it was so extremely lush (I mean, the Kardashians make bank but this is next fucking level), and featured ‘Baby Thompson’ written in her mum’s hand-writing as a neon lit sign. Cute.


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Famey event planner Mindy Weiss led the design, with the floral features being created by equally famey Jeff Leatham.

Someone had better have dived head-first into those balloons or this was all for NOTHING, guys.

???????????? ALL DAY

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#khloebabyshower ….this room is heaven @jeffleatham !!!!! #love

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In case you didn’t guess, Khloe’s having a baby girl with her partner Tristan Thompson. She’s due around the end of April.

Image: Instagram / @khloekardashian