‘Key & Peele’ Is Officially Ending After Its Current Season

In news that we’re still having a little bit of difficulty comprehending this early on a Sunday, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have announced that their much-loved Comedy Central series is ending for good at the conclusion of its current, fifth season.
We’ll give you a moment to deal with whatever you’re feeling right now.
The current season will wrap up in September. Key and Peele have indicated that they do plan on working together again in the future, but for now are keen to pursue separate projects. 
Key told The Wrap:
“This is our final season – and it’s not because of Comedy Central, it’s us. It was just time for us to explore other things, together and apart. I compare it to Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. We might make a movie and then do our own thing for three years and then come back and do another movie. I’m thinking we could do that every three years – take a year, go bang out a movie. That’s the plan right now.”
There are already at least two reasons to be excited – the pair have announced that they will be working together on a reboot of the Police Academy series, while Peele is about to start work on a horror film that he wrote. 
There’s no word on whether it’s a Baby Forest-based horror film, but we can dream.
Anyway, if you need us, we’ll be consoling ourselves with Key & Peele clips for the rest of the day:
via The Wrap
Photo: Michael Kovac via Getty Images