Kevin Smith Rushed To Hospital After Suffering “Massive” Heart Attack

Director, podcaster, and comic book writer Kevin Smith has been rushed to hospital after suffering a “massive heart attack” after performing a show.

Smith posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed to Twitter shortly after the show, with a caption saying that he had suffered a “100% blockage of [his] LAD artery (aka ‘the Widow-Maker’)“. Smith said that if he hadn’t cancelled another show he was due to perform afterwards and gone to hospital, he “would’ve died“.

The 47-year-old had just performed a show at the Alex Theater in Glendale, California and was due to start a second show when he was rushed to hospital.

Smith quickly received an outpouring of support after the post, including from all-time hunk and generally good dude Chris Pratt:

I’m not saying that having a nearly lethal heart attack is worth it to have Chris Pratt reach out to you but, I mean, I’d consider it.