Kadek Mahardika, the man better known as Ketut from AAMI’s famous 2012 commercials, has married his girlfriend in a beachside ceremony in Bali. That said, in news sure to crush the hearts of an entire nation, that girlfriend was not Rhonda. 

New Idea broke the news, noting that Mahardika married his long-time girlfriend Laura in the picturesque town of Nusa Dua. The couple’s two-year-old daughter, Mia, was a flower girl, and he told the publication that their wedding day was “even better than a sunrise.”

Laura says that her now-husband is pretty much exactly as he appears. “Oh what you saw on the commercials is exactly how he is as a person. His smile, everything. It’s just him,” she said.


Mahardika’s co-star from the AAMI commercials, Mandy McIlhenney, has gone on to a thriving career, appearing in the likes of Paper Giants and Love Child. He himself has given up acting and now works as an excavator driver. 

ICYMI, which doesn’t seem particularly likely, here’s a compilation of their commercials:

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Image via AAMI