AAMI, the insurers who sell car safety subordinate to captivating interracial romances, have today revealed there will be another ad featuring the Ketut and Rhonda.   

Attendees at a Mumbrella conference were presented with a screen shot of the imminent ad, which depicted Rhonda in a “crowded ballroom wearing a floral dress.”

Spokespeeps for AAMI then highlighted the wildly successful Facebook page “The Sexual Tension Between Rhonda and Ketut” which topped 115,000 likes, being largely indicative of the public’s thirst for more of the saucy pairing. Fittingly, AAMI are giving the people what the people want. Marketing executive manager for the company, Richard Riboni acknowledges that the public might tired of Rhonda, probably because she calls to mind the Aussie Mum stereotype and seems like she’d be an adequate punching bag. “Yes, there is a concern about the fatigue of Rhonda, we’ve purposely given Rhonda a really good break. We haven’t had Rhonda on all year.” 

We eagerly await the next instalment of the the Ketut show feat. Rhonda’s debut back into society from her compulsory hiding in AAMI’s top secret bomb shelter.

Via Mumbrella