Kendall Jenner’s New BF Is Apparently A Terrible Kisser, So RIP Her

If you’re a sports star, celebrity or famous muso, you’ve got to ensure that you’re looking and acting the best you can at all times. One slip up can result in a horrendous internet roast, and you DEFINITELY don’t want that.

Which is exactly what’s happening to Kendall Jenner’s rumoured beau and Detriot Piston’s player  Blake Griffin, as one of his former flames has dubbed him a “terrible kisser”.


After Sportscenter posted a photo announcing Griffin’s move from the LA Clippers to the Pistons, fans began tagging his ex, Olympian hurdler Lolo Jones, who left a pretty choice reply in the comments.

Jesus Christ, someone grab the aloe vera ‘cos we’ve got a burn victim.

Honestly, imagine being a famous sports star who no doubt receives a fair bit of attention from the ladies and STILL not knowing how to press your lips softly against someone else’s.

Perhaps Kendall can lead him lovingly to the light, and teach him how to smooch without sucking the very soul out your spouse.