Kendall Jenner has taken to her app to reveal the incredibly fascinating story behind why she painted her lounge room pink. The results? They will shock you.
Okay, not really. But it is semi-interesting. 

kenny’s pink xmas

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In a post titled ‘THE STORY BEHIND MY PINK WALL!‘, Jenner explains that the pink wall in the living room of her $6.5 million dollar Los Angeles home is a nifty trick to… stop her eating.

“[T]here’s actually a funny story behind the color of my living room!” she starts, in her exclamation-heavy yarn. 
“Baker-Miller Pink is the only color scientifically proven to calm you AND suppress your appetite. I was like, “I NEED this color in my house!” I then found someone to paint the room and now I’m loving it!”
While her enthusiasm is appreciated, there isn’t actually a tonne of “scientific” evidence to suggest this colour does much. 
What she’s possibly referring to is the research scientist Alexander Schauss conduced back in the ’70s, where he and his team painted prisoners cells pink to calm ’em down.
Either way, pink has served KJ well in the past, and if she reckons it keeps her figure so angelic… why not?
Photo: Getty / Pascal Le Segretain.