A frightened Kendall Jenner has reportedly put her LA home on the market, fearing for her safety there after a recent incident in which she was robbed of more than $AU 263,000 worth of jewellery. 
In the early hours of Thursday morning this week, the 21-year-old entered the bedroom of her Hollywood Hills home to find items missing, the phoned police upon hearing noises, fearing an intruder may have been present. 
The police did not find anyone on the premises, but Jenner was sufficiently spooked after this and an incident in which an alleged stalker broke into the property last August that she has contacted her realtor to sell the house. 
Since the robbery, multiple sources have come forward to claim that the robbery was an “inside job”, and that the Victoria’s Secret angel believes that the culprit was a friend, or somebody familiar with the house. 
“She does not think that this was a random burglar,” said one. “She thinks that it has to be one of her friends, or someone that she has had over recently. Security footage of the house shows that there was no forced entry.”
“This is just too much for her to handle,” said another source, adding:

“Kendall’s family never wanted her to get this house in the first place because it is literally walking distance from all of the bars and clubs on the Sunset Strip. After the first incident with the stalker, she was weary about living there, but now she feels she has to go.”
Source: Radar Online.
Photo: Marc Piasecki / Getty.