Kelso And Jackie Welcome Tiny Bbi Into The World, World Says Mazel

Actors Most Likely To Date In The 70s Only To IRL Rekindle Their Love In 2012 To Make Us Believe In True Love Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have today given birth to a genetically blessed baby girl.

By that, of course, we mean that Mila Kunis did the actual business of birthing the adorable uterine growth but fiancé Kutcher was on hand to welcome the much loved product of his spunk [pictured below].

Just a reminder, Kunis has described Ashton as the love of her life – “we all get movie star crushes. I’m marrying mine” – and in June of this year Ashton’s twin brother said of the couple that they were “meant to be” and that their coupling was “like Ross and Rachel getting married. They make such a great couple – Ashton is in a really great place right now.” And if you just don’t think that’s the cutest… …that’s fully your choice, bruh.

Title image via Getty by Robyn Beck via a butchering in Photoshop