Kelly Clarkson Adorably Lost Her Shit Over Meryl Streep At The Golden Globes

Kelly Clarkson Meryl Streep Golden Globes Red Carpet Fangirl

If you ever met Meryl Streep, don’t lie to me and say you wouldn’t lose control of all your basic human decency and scream like a small infant. I am happy to admit that this is exactly what I would do, and it turns out that’s exactly what Kelly Clarkson did too.

Just after her chat with Ryan Seacrest on the E! red carpet telecast at today’s Golden Globes, the TV host went to help the singer down the stairs when Clarkson freaked the hell out.

After Seacrest asked her what happened, thinking she had tripped on her gown, Clarkson gasped: “OhhhmygoditsMeryl. That’s Meryl. THAT’S MERYL STREEP.”

The American Idol winner/generally adorable human had precisely zero chill AT ALL, and tbh we cannot blame her whatsoever.

Even when she proceeded to scream across the red carpet: “Can I meet you? I’m such a fan!”

Of course, Meryl is an actual angel, and welcomed Clarkson with open arms leading to the cutest fangirl moment possibly of all time.

Seriously, my face hurts. Check it all out below:

Nope. Not jealous at all. *quietly fumes*