In Wild News, It Was Actually Stage-Fiver Jarrod Who Dumped Keira

It’s always the way with celebrity (?) breakups, isn’t it? The initial announcement is all ‘we’ve decided to part ways’ and ‘we still have so much love and respect for one another’ and ‘we’ll always be the best of friends’, then when the dust settles and no one cares anymore, the spicy details that lead to the breakup come to light and lemme tell ya, Jarrod Woodgate and Keira Maguire‘s tale is a doozy.

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Speaking to Who magazine, Keira revealed that it was actually Jarrod who ended things with her. Yes, Jarrod. Pot plant aficionado. The bloke who earned the reputation of the stagiest stage-five clinger who ever clung on The Bachelorette/Bachelor In Paradise.

Maguire told the publication that their relationship was filled with heated arguments and the vineyard manager often took the piss out of her career, or lack thereof.

“Jarrod didn’t like the fact I didn’t have a full-time job… because my job was doing endorsements and he’s about working hard in a nine-to-five job,” she said.

“I never thought he would get up and leave me and that’s what he did. He walked away from everything.”

She goes on to admit that she tried to prove herself to him by helping out on his family farm but this still wasn’t enough to win him over.

“He’d [critique] the way I did it and I really started to feel so insecure,” she said.

Shortly after Maguire’s claims went live, she removed the announcement post that she shared on Sunday which read:

“It is with a very sad heart but I have to let you all know that Jarrod & I have split up … I’m sorry if anyone is disappointed or if I have let anyone down. Please respect our privacy as this is a very hard time for me.”

Woodgate recently told the Daily Mail Australia that Maguire is living at his home in Brighton while he is staying with friends for now.