The Bachelor Australia staple Keira Maguire and Love Island bloke Matthew Zukowski torched their relationship back in March, but sadly the stench of their decayed romance is still following them around.

Yesterday, Keira got tagged in a comment where a fan called out Matt for supposedly moving on with his Love Island co-star, Anna McEvoy, who used to be mates with Keira.

“But you’re friends with @keiramaguire and that’s her ex?” the fan wrote on a pic of Anna and Matthew at the opening night of Frozen in Melbourne last week, as spotted by the So Dramatic! podcast.

Keira Maguire swiftly responded to the fan, writing: “Please don’t tag me in any post from either of them.” Which, I mean, is a totally fair request.

Keira later had a yarn with Daily Mail Australia where she claimed that her ex BF and ex mate aren’t even dating, they’re just trying to make it seem like they are to get some publicity going for their new podcast.

“They aren’t dating they are pretending to be together as they want to get exposure for some podcast they are doing,” she said.

“I had to block them both on socials as it was really hurtful to watch,” she said. “I expressed to both of them, especially Anna, who was supposed to be my friend, that this was hurtful.

“But she told me I shouldn’t care and still continued to do it. I guess some people will do anything for clout, even if it means hurting people you’re suppose to care about.”

Keira Maguire says it’s “not something I would ever do to someone. So I’ve had to remove them both from my life,” adding that “it makes me really question both of their intentions for being in my life in the first place.”

The reality star confirmed her split from Matthew back in March, saying at the time: “For everyone asking, Matt and I are no longer together.”

Matt and Anna have reportedly known each other long before starring together on Love Island as they used to model together.

Meanwhile you’ll remember Keira Maguire from the most recent season of Bachelor In Paradise and the season was so bloody chaotic, that Ten’s decided to give the show a rest this year, which, in retrospect, was a fabulous idea.