With Toy Story 4 getting closer and closer to release day, and therefore the day we all get our emotions wrung through the damn tumble dryer, we’re starting to get a few more hints and looks and insight and such from the good and kind people at Disney and Pixar. And today’s update is a real doozy: The first – and frankly hilarious – look at Keanu Reeves‘ role in the movie, Duke Caboom.

Reeves is voicing the role of Caboom, an action figure based on “Canada’s greatest stuntman,” who overflows with confidence and bravado despite the fact that he is virtually incapable of doing anything promised on the box.

Today’s short new spot shows the character off in full, as well as the frankly insane superhero voice that Reeves puts on for the role.

Dude hasn’t shown this level of vocal emoting since the famous Bill & Ted whoa.”

Honestly? Too real. Far too honest a portrayal of toys from decades of yore that promised heaps and delivered little. Too bloody real. I’m looking at you, Ninja Turtles Turtle Trooper.

Reeves is one of a slew of high-profile additions to the Toy Story 4 cast, which also includes the likes of Tony HaleJordan PeeleKeegan-Michael Key, and Christina Hendricks, alongside the vast majority of the original gang.

The film is scheduled for release on June 20th. Get ready, folks.