Keanu Reeves Film-A-Thons Are Coming To Syd + Melb To Point Break Your Heart

Speed was the first M-rated film my parents ever let me watch. I couldn’t have been more than six when they loaned the tape from Blockbuster, slapped it into the VHS player, and gathered us to marvel at that godforsaken bus. The experience was profound: at last, I was a big, mature boy who could call Keanu Reeves a role model.

[jwplayer 7LDlpTIG]

This is to say I am chuffed at the prospect of Speed, and other hits from Reeves’ expansive filmography, returning to select cinema screens from October.

Melbourne’s Lido Cinemas and Sydney’s Ritz Cinemas today announced Reeves’ films will take pride of place for nine consecutive Fridays.

Expect to see foundational works Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Point Blank, his greatest hit The Matrix, and 2014’s lethal John Wick projected for the thirsting masses.

Yes, Speed is included too, but you’ll have to wait for the Sandra Bullock-a-thon for Speed 2 to return to the silver screen.

If you’re keen to catch some prime Reeves in Melbourne, feel free to check out the full roster here. Sydney-siders can get around ticketing details here.

Until then, please feel free to work yourself up over news of both The Matrix and Bill & Ted returning for new instalments in the not-too-distant future.