The gal who got into a tiff with Katy Perry over a table at a Queensland café has revealed more deets about the spicy encounter.

ICYMI: Indianna Paull posted a video to TikTok telling the story of what went down.

“POV: Katy Perry comes into your cafe and you don’t recognise her and argue over a table,” she wrote on TikTok.

“Then she tips and hugs you for treating her like an every day person.”

If you’re wondering how on earth Indianna didn’t recognise Katy Perry, it’s because she was wearing a massive crochet hat, a pink checkered top and olive green pants. Seriously.

Daily Mail shared pictures of the incognito pop star, and you can peep the back of Indianna’s head in the pap shots too.

Indianna has since appeared on Sunrise to dish about what happened.

“I was walking over and made a fool of myself and said, ‘Just for future, know that we can’t seat people in this table’,” she recounted.

“I felt like a fool and went over to apologise. I was a bit shocked that I acted like [she was] a casual Joe Blow… and I can believe how nice she was.

“Looking back on it, the reason she wanted to get inside [the café] was because people were taking photos of her.

“I was so oblivious, running around like a headless chook, I had no idea!”

She praised Katy Perry for acting “normal” and added that she took the whole thing “like a champ”.

“I think partly why I didn’t recognise her was that she was just so relaxed and chill about it,” she added.

“She didn’t have that appearance about her to make her seem like she was worried for waiting for a table… She handled it like a champ.”

She said Katy left a “generous” for the cafe, but did not disclose the amount, only that it was “more than the usual $2 we get thrown in the bucket!”

Catch the full chat below:

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom flew into Australia on Wednesday 15 June before making their way to Queensland.

The couple are staying in Oz for around three months while Bloom films Wizards!.

Pete Davidson is also in Australia right now, and Kim Kardashian will be flying in soon too. It’s all happening!

Image: Getty Images / Jason Merritt