There’s no doubt that Katy Perry loves a good dress up. Her video clips and live shows are awash with kitschy costumes that has her clad in everything from latex to dresses with skirts that could either feature a bunch of brightly-coloured cupcakes or an intricately detailed carousel. But in the last while, Katy’s gone large with her costumes. And I need to know where she keeps getting these things from.

During her time as a preganté lady in isolation, she’s really hammed it up in the costume department. After spending the last week dressed as a huge hand sanitiser, she’s now pivoted to another essential for living and working from home – toilet paper.

Sure, it might be an elaborate advertisement for people to watch her on American Idol, but I just want to know…why. And how. And where.

I still have some questions; when did Katy Perry’s mascot-level big costumes obsession begin and what the fuck does she do with them all? Is her home costume box a full room of incredible outfits? And can I please come over and visit sometime to play dress ups, Katy?

Cast your mind back about 12 months, when Katy stepped into the Met Gala afterparty dressed as a giant hamburger – arguably fulfilling the Notes On Camp theme better than her actual red carpet chandelier costume.

So that’s two comically-large costumes in one night that seemingly really kicked off her Big Costumes obsession, as well as that one time back in 2014 when she dressed up as a big Hot Cheeto for Halloween.

(Halloween doesn’t count in my opinion, because everyone goes boonta on the costumes for the Spooky Day™)

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Made a meal outta it ????

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IDFWU *drops mic*

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In her current state as being extremely preggo with Orlando Bloom‘s sprog, the big costumes are genius. She still gets to lean into her weird and outrageous aesthetic while keeping herself and their blessed bébé comfortable. A genius move.

I truly just need to know where she keeps these outfits. And who makes them for her. Like the classic Rednex song goes, “where did he come from, and where did he go?” but instead of Cotton Eye Joe, I’m talking about Katy Perry and her various giant costumes. Where DO they come from? And once she’s done with them, where DO they go?

Ok so after a quick dig around, it looks like her costume partners in crime are Johnny Wujek, who’s been working on Legendary for HBO, and Russell Barslou, who creates costumes under the name of ‘Shokra‘. Love this, so much.

What’s next? A huge loaf of homemade bread? An elaborate giant house that makes her look like Alice when she munches on an ‘Eat Me’ cookie and ends up looking like this:


Whatever Katy Perry has up her sleeve for future iso costumes, I’m here for it, and I hope Orlando’s not slowly going mad as he’s increasingly surrounded by giant, wearable versions of household items.

Image: Instagram / @katyperry