Look at moiye, ploise! I’ve got one word to say to youse: the Kath & Kim reunion is officially happening!

For the first time in over 10 years, since the announcement of the ill-fated flick Kath & Kimderella, a cast member has confirmed that they’ve reunited to bring us more foxy content.

Appearing on Melbourne’s 101.9 The Fox with Fifi, Fev & NickMagda Szubanski was asked about the much-talked-about reunion and just bloody have a go at her response, will ya?

“I can neither confirm nor deny,” she said, adding that “there might be a little something coming around the corner, coming down the pipe that will be fun.”

This is the first official confirmation we’ve had from any of the cast about the reunion!

I know, I know. She literally said she couldn’t confirm, but she also said she couldn’t deny, and that last part certainly indicated that something is happening!

According to TV TonightGina Riley (Kim), Jane Turner (Kath) and Magda Szubanski (Sharon) recently reunited for a project that was filmed “in secret” in Melbourne and they’ve already wrapped up filming.

The Herald Sun revealed the cast shot “10 minutes of new footage for the show, which will run as a 20 to One style format of hits, memories and unseen clips from the vault.”

Sydney Morning Herald also published a report confirming that the trio, along with Glenn Robbins (Kel) and Peter Rowsthorn (Brett), filmed the spesh at a studio in South Melbourne.

“The team is understood to be filming all week, recording new sketch material to sit alongside a selection of best-of and rare material in the one-off special,” SMH’s report read.

“The special does not yet have a broadcaster officially attached, though the ABC, Seven and Netflix are all contenders, given the show’s rich and complicated broadcast history.”

“The Kath & Kim project filming in Melbourne is a clip show. There is no deep storyline, no new episode,” an insider told Herald Sun.

“The conveyor belt of black SUVs outside the NEP Studio are celebrities who are there to talk about their favourite Kath & Kim moments.”

Among the celebs are Sonia Kruger and Celia Pacquola.

Kath & Kim reunion rumours have been floating around a lot lately.

While walking the Logies red carpet, the legends at TV Week did us all a ‘yuge favour by asking Magda WTF is happening with that future of the series.

“I’d have to kill you and your publishers and everyone else [if I said anything],” she told the publication, adding that “it would be a blood bath” if she divulged any deets.

She very well could just be joshing us, but it’s a total pivot from her previous responses to the question.

Last year she told The Kyle & Jackie O Show that she reckons a reboot “should be off the table.”

And during a 2019 interview with PEDESTRIAN.TV in support of her iconique Uber Eats ad with Kim (Kardashian, not Craig née Day), she said a reboot is “very, very unlikely.”

And suddenly her response is all “Nup! Soz! Can’t say anything!!!”

I’m telling ya, something’s going on here and Magda wants us to know it…

For The First Time In Over 10 Years, A Kath & Kim Star Has Confirmed That A Reunion Is Coming

Reboot rumours recently kicked off when crew members reportedly visited the famous Lagoon Court home to suss it out.

“It was unimaginable neighbours could keep TV’s biggest secret under wraps much longer,” an insider told Woman’s Day.

The source added that the revival was already in pre-production and was expected to air on an undisclosed streaming service with an announcement due soon.

These rumours were ripped to smithereens when the house was demolished shortly after the report was published.

But between you, me and the credenza in the good room, I have a theory that they may have been taking some measurements and piccies of the house before it got knocked down so they could recreate it down the track in a local studio.

I can feel it in me waters!

Image: Kath & Kim