Kate McLennan Of ‘Get Krackin’ Had An Awkward Run-In With The Paparazzi

Kate McLennan

Kate McLennan, star of The Katering Show and Get Krackin and queen of our hearts, has taken to Twitter to reveal an awkward yet hilarious interaction with a paparazzi photographer who followed her around recently.

She said that she was filming at Channel 10 yesterday, and as she was leaving, a bloke approached and started taking her photo, leaving her feeling confused. He then followed her to the airport and continued snapping her as she got out of the car.

She finally decided to confront him, and wrote of their subsequent exchange:

Me: “What the fuck are you doing mate?” 

Him: “You’re Natalie Bassingthwaite aren’t you?”


“Fuck I’d like to see the photos though,” she later wrote, and honestly, so would we.

If you’re in need of a little more Kate action, then you’re in luck, as the second season of Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney‘s Get Krackin premiered this week on the ABC.