Kate Langbroek Unloads On Sophie & Stu, Claims Their Relationship Is “Done”

Radio host Kate Langbroek has dumped a proverbial sea otter right in Sophie Monk and Stu Landry‘s proverbial swimming pool, taking to social media to say that the relationship is “done” and hinting that they can’t stand one-another.

Sophie gave her final rose to Stu on this week’s finale of The Bachelorette, an outcome that surprised literally nobody as it had been preordained since we first caught wind of the fact that the millionaire publican would be entering the house as an intruder.

The pair gave a slightly stilted interview on The Project on Friday night, which is par for the course in these situations, but as it aired, Langbroek shared a photo of them on Instagram and captioned it “she hates him”, adding “poor Sophie” and “it’s done.”


The pair had appeared on Langbroek’s Hughesy & Kate radio show earlier in the day, and we’re not sure whether they displayed stilted body language, whether Sophie blinked “get me out of here” in Morse code, but whatever happened between them, something was clearly off.

Kate Langbroek has not said anything further, and at this point, is probably sitting back watching her mentions blow up as conspiracy theories abound about whether or not Sophie and Stu’s relationship is actually a reality TV sham.

This week, Landry has shot down rumours linking him to socialite Tiffany Tilley, telling News Corp “it’s all complete bullshit, I’ve never met Tiff. I know who Tiff is, we have very close mutual friends and I don’t know how but we have never met face-to-face, ever. Never, ever, ever.”

We can’t wait to see how this one plays out.