Kate Langbroek Weirdly Chill About The Demonic Entity That Photobombed Her Selfie

Here’s a fun idea – don’t rent 800-year-old anything, ever. But especially not Italian houses, like radio personality Kate Langbroek has done in beautiful Bologna. Because mates, you can bet your sweet bippy that crumbling mansion will be HAUNT AS HELL.

[jwplayer QunZUtZ4]

Kate relocated to Bologna, Italy for a gap year with her family, which is extremely cool in my opinion. What is not cool in my opinion is that they’ve chosen to rent a mansion that is absolutely haunted as fuck, a fact that’s been revealed this week after Kate uploaded a selfie with a visiting pal to Instagram featuring a terrifying ghost lady mincing about in the background.

She’s being extremely chill about her demonic home, tbh. Like, I don’t even think I’d be posting this shit for fear of ghostly retribution, but if I DID I would have uploaded with the caption “coming back to Sydney early because our 1300s palazzo is full of demonic entities and one has possibly possessed my child! Fuck that, cya Italy!”

Wanna zoom in? Of course you fucking do.

I’m sorry but that is a GHOOOOOOST. In fact, I personally see two ghosts, don’t you? There’s one wearing a white veil who is also maybe just some person who walked into the room to be like “hey guys, we’re heading down to the piazza for lunch wanna come” but is also maybe a GHOST, and then one shorter black-haired one that could be a child but also is definitely a GHOST. Maybe a ghost-child, who knows.

Here’s hoping Kate Langbroek and her family take my advice and gets the fuck outta that place. Either that, or buy all the sage in Bologna and burn those demons out, ok?