Yesterday, Nine announced that its iconic crime drama series Underbelly is coming back in 2022 and the new season will be titled Underbelly: Vanishing Act. And here’s the kicker: it tells the story of Sydney conwoman Melissa Caddick, who went missing in November 2020 and was confirmed dead earlier this year.

The series features a stacked cast of Aussie talent, including Kate Atkinson (Wentworth, Jack Irish, SeaChange) as Melissa Caddick, alongside Colin Friels (Water Rats, BlackJack, Mystery Road), Tai Hara (Madam Secretary, Home and Away, Hyde & Seek), Maya Stange (Love Child, A Place to Call Home, Wolf Creek, Rake), Ursula Mills (Out of the Blue), and Sophie Bloom (Love Child, Amazing Grace, Reef Break).

Here’s a pic of our leading lady, Kate Atkinson, from her role in prison drama, Wentworth:

Does she look familiar to you?

Well if you’re a Kath & Kim fan, she certainly should look familiar, because she portrayed not one, but TWO characters on the beloved series.

A die-hard fan by the name of Justin Dowdle pointed out in my favourite Kath & Kim group, Da Kath & Kim Appreciation Society, that Kate Atkinson played two different characters in two iconic eps (eps as in episodes, not eps as in Epponnee).

The first was in the episode where Kim is trying to find a foxy outfit that’ll make Brett cream his jeans. Kate plays the shop assistant wearing an Avril Lavigne-esque look, and she becomes increasingly fed up with the dozens of clothes Kim tries on.

And in another episode, she plays the mother of one of the kids at Bubs Idol, the one who gives Kim the hairy eyeball. Just before her kid performs, she tries to butter up judge Mark Holden by telling him that her cousin’s kids go to school with Dicko’s kids (Australian Idol was all the rage back then).

Credit: Facebook / Justin Dowdle.

Two roles on the iconic Kath & Kim and a notorious conwoman? Kate Atkinson has range, people!

Underbelly: Vanishing Act is set to air on Nine in 2022.