Karl Stefanovic’s Cat Pissed In His Manbag And He’s Not Happy About It

Having you ever smelt cat piss up-close? It stings the nostrils for reals: tangy, pungent and near-impossible to get rid of. 
Your boy Karl Stefanovic got a nostril-full this morning, after he arrived at work to find that one of his Burmese cats (who knew? Wouldn’t have picked it) had relieved itself all over his tartan-lined manbag. 
TODAY posted his plea to the nation for ways to get the stink out of the pleather.

Karl’s cat peed in his bag. Not ideal. He needs your help folks! #Today9

Posted by TODAY on Thursday, September 24, 2015


Karl – buddy – we have to be real with you… that bag is the ugliest effing thing we’ve ever seen.

Maybe this is for the best, eh?
Via Today.