Exciting news that the longest (and therefore funnest) waterslide in the world finished its weeks-long construction in New Zealand last week is great for three reasons: 1) Who doesn’t love a water slide? 2) It was built to benefit charity and 3) It draws out attention to further evidence of Karl Stefanovic’s legend status a GOAT Karl Stefanovic interview in which he just can’t stop making weed references.

In it, the Today Show host most likely to make a munchies jokes on Twitter interviewed two animal suit wearing Kiwi bros he strongly suspected were stoners – Dan Drupstee and Jimi Hunt – who at the time were halfway through building a 650m waterslide near Auckland to promote awareness for depression and raise money for their charity, “Live More Awesome”.

What follows is a winking series of thinly veiled marijuana references (“Are there Scooby Snacks at the end of the slide?”,“How much grass was burned in the making of this slide?”, “Just follow the smoke trail”, “You look like you’ve been smoking it up that’s for sure”, “It’ll be like Woodstock”) in an interview conducted on national breakfast television at 8:45 in the morning.

Australia’s life coach you guys…