Former and future Today Show host Karl Stefanovic divided the bloody nation in 2016 when he divorced his wife of 21 years, Cassandra Thornburn, and shacked up with model and footwear designer Jasmine Yarbrough, with the two tying the knot in Mexico last year.

While the furore seems to have died down, largely due to Karl, 45, no longer hosting Today (though it was recently announced he will host again in 2020) and because everyone involved just seem to be getting on with their lives, there’s been a bit of talk recently that Karl — who already has kids Jackson, 19, Ava, 13, and River, 12 with Cassandra — might soon be a daddy again.

The Daily Mail, known for their eagle eyes and turning the most innocent of Instagram posts into a story (I’m not even mad, I secretly enjoy it), spotted a few incriminating posts from Jasmine’s New York trip which heavily hint she may be up the duff. While Jasmine, 34, herself put up this very innocuous post from a group dinner, her friends really dropped her in it.

Credit: Instagram

Fine, whatever, it’s just a cute innocent pic, nothing to see here. But one of Jasmine’s mates posted this:

Karl Stefanovic
Credit: Instagram / Daily Mail

Now we’ve all had a big meal, developed a bloated stomach and pretended to be pregnant at least once in our lives, right? So I’m willing to overlook that pic as a hilarious visual gag.

But then another mate posted this pic of Jasmine:

Karl Stefanovic
Credit: Instagram / Daily Mail

This is either confirmation Jasmine is preganté, or an expert level two-pronged trolling of the Daily Mail, and now me since I am writing about it on this quiet Sunday morning.

Either way, congratulations are in order tbh.

Image: Getty Images / Don Arnold / WireImage