Karl Stefanovic Gives Surprisingly Earnest Account Of That One Time He Was Drunk After The Logie Awards

This is Karl Stefanovic as you’ve never seen him before. 

Interviewed by Drew Pearson (the guy who makes the Today Show Funny Bits web vignettes and who has since sought funding for familiar-sounding mockumentary comedy series about “an unconventional host of a breakfast television show, mid 30’s…getting the hang of being a professional but not losing his daggy, larrikin ways, he likes to have a drink and a good time,”) Australia’s drunk uncle/spirit animal/life advisor Karl Stefanvovic gives a surprisingly earnest account of his Super Saiyan wasted 2009 Logies debacle, the shame that incident caused him (“I remember it being on Today Tonight, just going ‘Oh god’”) its unseen silver lining (“that broke down a barrier for me in a way”) and the public’s unrealistic expectations of his behaviour since (“Every time I go to a function now they say ‘can we have drunk Karl?’”). 

We can’t believe it either; six whole minutes without a weed joke

For those who don’t remember The Greatest Thing To Have Ever Happened on Australian Television…