Karl Stefanovic Attempts To Conquer World’s Hottest Chilli Ice Cream, Fails

Because of our contractual obligations* to report on the man, the legend, the Karl Stefanovic‘s every waking move, here is a gratuitous article made especially for YOU, because your reading of this is indicative of your priorities and morning show host infatuations, to which we enthusiastically approve. Go you!

This morning, Karl was served up a bowl of Gold Coast ice cream parlour Negative 210′s house specialty: their self-proclaimed spiciest chilli ice cream in the world, so brutal that punters are required to sign a waiver before having a taste.

The challenge was bravely accepted by our Karl, taking a bite of the dessert made with the merciless peppers of Quetzlzacatenango, causing a El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Karlos (go ahead and give the fuck up if you’re not getting these Simpsons references), before caving under the heat. The experience has also gifted unto us this gif, which we are carefully cataloging into our sacred Karlos vault right now.

“That should never see the light of day, that stuff,” Karl said, after finding it all too much. Well done, Negative 210. You come at the king, you best not miss.

Watch it all go down over here.

*obviously, not true – Karl just owns a cosy part of our hearts.

Via 9 News.