Kanye West’s new boo Julia Fox reportedly got into a scrap at Paris Haute Couture Week with Manhattan socialite Libbie Mugrabi.

The big ol’ barney kicked off when Mugrabi and her mates approached Fox, who was dining with friends at the Hotel Costes.

Mugrabi asked Fox if she would be down to get paid a fee to be photographed in her friend Celia Kritharioti’s designs, who has dressed the likes of Naomi Campbell and Khloé Kardashian.

Speaking to Page Six, Mugrabi alleges that Fox snapped at her, insisting that she “talk to my stylist.”

“Julia was sitting in the restaurant with a group of people who were all in black, black lipstick, and looked like they had been dressed by the scary section of the Spirit Halloween store,” Mugrabi recounted and the absolute shade of it all.

“When I asked if she would be photographed in my friend Celia’s designs, Fox seemed insulted and, after I spoke to people at her table, she said, ‘You are being very rude to my friend!’ She also accused me of being inebriated, which I was not.”

Fox apparently told Mugrabi, “You must be drunk or something?”

Apparently it turned into quite the brouhaha with Fox’s friends also jumping in on the biff. Transgender model Richie Shazam dramatically exclaimed, “This is a set-up! We are probably being taped!”

One witness told Page Six, “Julia was having a private dinner and Libbie and her friends kept coming up to her table. Approaching a table during dinner and asking for a paid engagement is not really appropriate.

“Julia never said, ‘Talk to my stylist.’ That’s just ridiculous. Libbie was being rude to her friend, so Julia stood up for her friend.

“Libbie was wearing a trucker hat with the word ‘gaslight’ on it and that was literally what she was trying to do to Julia and her friends.”

Mugrabi added, “I just said, ‘Bye, have a nice evening’ and walked away.”

The socialite finished by saying that on her way out of the hotel, she saw Kanye in another room and said, “Kanye and Julia weren’t even together. And she’s not that beautiful in person.” Ouch.

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