Kanye Enters His Zone, Delivers A Trademark Rant At Sneaker Awards Show

ICYMI, wonderful things happen when Kanye West is given some spotlight and a microphone. 

Taking to the stage to pick up the Footwear News’ Shoe Of The Year gong for his Adidas Yeezy Boosts, Ye’s acceptance speech spun out into one of his trademark, rambling monologues because of course it did. 

Add a touch of self-awareness, and baby, you’ve got a stew going. 

“I have absolutely no plans for what I’m gonna say, so you know this could land completely wrong, but it doesn’t really fucking matter does it? If you don’t like ten-minute-ling profanity-ridden speeches that end in presidential bids, you can go to the bathroom,” the designer / rapper / cultural overlord said.

He also, graciously, declared himself open season, saying “just feel free to talk shit – it’s good to have someone to talk shit about. I don’t give a fuck.”

Like the world needs to be told twice. Included in his latest transmission: his early design work for Fendi, the origins of Niggas In Paris, his beef with Jimmy Kimmel, and contemplations of his continual love of fashion and design. Also, having nice things. Enter his zone below:

Story: NME.
Photo: Twitter.