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Kaley Cuoco has taken to her Insta once again after an awards night loss, and this kind of content from her is fast becoming my favourite extended bit this year. After being nominated for two gongs at the 27th SAG Awards – and losing them both to Schitt’s Creek – she’s posted a video of herself accepting her third loss for the year.

She was nominated in this year’s awards for Best Actress in a Comedy Series and Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series for her work in The Flight Attendant but lost both categories to the Schitt’s Creek ensemble and Catherine O’Hara (for her work as Moira Rose in Schitt’s Creek).

In response to her losses at the socially distanced awards, Kaley jumped into bed in her full Prabal Gurung-designed pink moment, her back dotted with cupping bruises and double-parked with a tinnie and a bottle of bottle to continue binge-watching her favourite show – Schitt’s Creek.

I mean this post alone is some great comedy taking her L graciously, but the fact that she’s now posted through her awards losses three times makes it a hell of a beat that I’m 1000% here for.

Earlier this year, Kaley was up for her first-ever Golden Globe for The Flight Attendant, but after narrowly missing out on the win which was handed to – surprise, surprise – Catherine O’Hara for Schitt’s Creek, Kaley posted herself thoroughly enjoying the aftermath and adrenaline comedown.

Can we please note the pulled-out hair extensions in her lap? A hell of a mood.

Shortly after that, Kaley lost again to Catherine O’Hara in this year’s Critic’s Choice Awards, and marked that loss with a post about her very fancy clothes and makeup essentially being torn off by her team.

Honestly, if you’re going to go up against comedy great Catherine O’Hara in awards season, this is the greatest way to have your moment without taking home the big win. Kaley Cuoco’s comedic timing is perfect, even outside of her comedy work on TV.

Can someone give her an award for Best Instagram Content? I don’t think Catherine has an Insta account so maybe that’s an award Kaley could actually take out, at this rate.

Image: Instagram / @kaleycuoco