‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Kaley Cuoco Got Married And Her Dress Is Divine

Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco has taken to her Instagram to share some adorable pictures from her wedding to Karl Cook. 

The 32-year-old posted a picture with her husband captioned “Legally KCSQUARED”. 

Let’s just take a moment to admire how gorgeous Cuoco’s floral dress is, especially the cape. No word yet on the designer but we’re sure the bride will share some details in a week or so.

The fairy tale princess vibes are real:


In an interview with PEOPLE magazine earlier this year the animal rights activist said Cook was her “perfect match”. 

“We connected very quickly, but I only found out over time how similar we both were, how similar that we are.

“I thought, ‘Oh, my God, this guy…’ I think that I used to think that opposites attract, but in my situation, us being so similar and liking the same things, it really works for us.”

Cuoco also posted a picture from their reception dressed in a stunning jumpsuit.


Having a wedding hash-tag is cute but having a hash-tag about your matching initials just seals the forever deal.

Cook, an equestrian, proposed to Cuoco back in November last year in one heck of an emotional video. It was also Cuoco’s 32nd birthday so double the emotions.

Cook captioned the video:

 Well after nearly two years I finally got up the courage to ask her to marry me. This is the best night of my life and I think the video shows it is the best night for Kaley as well…..if she said yes!!!!!

Well, isn’t that just bloody pure?

Cuoco and Cook first made their relationship public back in 2016 at the Longines Masters Los Angeles Gala. They had met earlier that year at an equestrian show – a sport they both love and take part in.

A year prior, Cuoco and her first husband Ryan Sweeting separated with their divorce finalised in 2016.

P.S Yes, the ring isn’t everything but joizes look at that rock(s):

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

P.P.S If you give Cuoco’s Instagram a real suss you’ll discover just how much the couple have in common and then you’ll catch the feels.