‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Kaley Cuoco Helps Rescue A Baby Seal On Thanksgiving

Kaley Cuoco

Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco – y’huge animal lover – has helped rescue what appeared to be an injured seal during a family outing on Thanksgiving. 

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Like many celebrities over in the US, Cuoco took to her Instagram to share what she was grateful for this festive season.

“So here’s what I’m grateful for… at my in-laws beautiful beach house,” she wrote. “Karl and I came across a baby seal who was obviously lost and in pain.” 

Concerned, Cuoco said she called the 24 hour hotline at the Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute (CIMWI) and asked if someone could help the beautiful animal.

“They promised me a volunteer but I was unsure it would happen since it’s Thanksgiving! A few hours later I noticed a group of volunteers huddled around the seal. They all showed up to help!! 

“My heart is full and I’m thankful these gracious people left their thanksgiving plans to help an animal in need. Doesn’t get better than that.”


At the time, CIMWI told Huffington Post volunteers could not rescue the seal that day because of a combination of the seal’s location on the rocks and time of day. However, just moments ago, Cuoco updated her followers with the news that CIMWI had returned to the beach the following morning in search of the sea lion.

The adorable baby – named Sandy by Cuoco – is currently at CIMWI’s Santa Barbara facility receiving all the proper help he needs.

The best story! A huge shout out to all the volunteers and staff at CIMWI for coming out again today to search for (their #99th patient of 2018) Sandy the sea lion (yes I named him) finding and rescuing him!

He is currently at their Santa Barbara facility getting rehabbed and prepped to be released back into the wild as soon as he’s able – amazing organisation doing amazing work for marine animals in need. Thank you!!


Cuoco is an avid animal rights activist. Earlier this month, the actor hosted a Stand Up For Pits Foundation event – the foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to ending the abuse and discrimination of pit bulls.

Cuoco, a mother to many four legged children, recently created an Instagram for Simon The Silly Rabbit.