Please God, Let JVN Fulfill Their Dreams Of Being The New ‘Great British Bake Off’ Host

Ok before I even get into this can we please take a moment to consider how chaotic and hilarious Jonathan Van Ness would be nestled in among a bunch of proud Brits in Great British Bake Off? It would be such good television, and now that JVN is posting “rumours” about being on the hosting team, it simply needs to happen. Sorry, I do not make the rules.

[jwplayer DijMQWOM]

After Sandi Toksvig announced she was leaving the co-hosting duties on the Delightfully Wholesome Baking Program™, the queen of Queer Eye put gleefully posted the “rumours” (which could very well be a self-started whisper, here) that they wanted to take the co-reins.

Excuse me but this absolutely, without a doubt, 110% needs to happen. I mean, yes it would be so lovely to see non-binary and HIV+ representation on a huge UK tv show, but also just consider the chaotic energy that would be JVN and Noel Fielding in the same room together, surrounded by sugary baked treats? Chaos. Utter, unbridled chaos.

Let’s not even begin on how JVN’s wildly strong personality and wonderfully OTT fabulousness would go with the energies of Paul Hollywood (very good) and Prue Lieth (incredible, probably overwhelming) because I can’t even begin to picture it.

The GBBO makeshift kitchens are already unbridled chaos at the best of times so imagine just chucking JVN in a full sequinned jumpsuit in the mix. If anything, they’d probably challenge Noel at being the Most Outlandishly And Inappropriately Dressed for a kitchen, at least. I mean just watch the video below and just picture JVN gesticulating wildly through it. It’s a beautiful thing to imagine.

I truly hope that the powers that be at Channel 4 are taking JVN’s possible self-rumours as a serious raised hand for the hosting role because in this, the year 2020 where we’re seemingly going to hell in a handbasket, this is what we need and also deserve.