Justin Theroux Could’ve Been On ‘Friends’, But He Slept Through His Audition

Justin Theroux married Jennifer Aniston in 2015, filling our hopelessly romantic little hearts with joy, but in a recent interview, he revealed he could potentially have hooked up with the actress a lot sooner, at least in an on-screen capacity.

Speaking with sartorial journal Mr Porter, the scruffy actor and screenwriter, currently starring on HBO‘s The Leftovers, revealed that he had an audition for the sitcom Friends in the early 1990s, but completely blew it.

Theroux moved to New York in 1993, and says that one of his very first auditions was for a part in the sitcom, which debuted in 1994, but his devil-may-care attitude got the better of him and he decided not to turn up.

“No, I didn’t bother,” he told interviewer Stehpanie Raphanelli. “I slept in that day. I wouldn’t have been prepared for [the fame].”

We’ll never know how Friends would looked with Theroux in one of the lead roles – he gives off a bit of a Joey vibe so we’ll assume he would have read for that – but the actor eventually got his big break in David Lynch‘s Mulholland Drive years later.

The entire profile is worth a read, as it’s actually pretty wild, especially the description of Theroux’s home office, which full of “waxwork models of gonorrhoea-afflicted throats, bowls of human teeth and grisly dental equipment”, and a skull to remind him of his mortality.

He told the publication that his marriage to Jennifer Aniston is built on a foundation of “comedy one-upmanship” and that they spend most of their time cracking jokes, as “in a perfect world, a relationship is two people laughing together.”

Just how crude does Jen’s sense of humour skew? “She would allow a fart joke, but I think she actually has a more refined sense of humour than to crack a fart joke,” Theroux said. “I think she’s funnier than that.”

You can read the rest of the artile here. Please go ahead and find out all the weird trivia you never realised you wanted to know about Justin Theroux.