Justin Bieber Responds To Seth Rogen, Confirms Rogen’s “Piece Of Shit” Assessment

Subtle he ain’t. A few days ago, actor, comedian, renowned 420-enthusiast, and one half of the most obvious “punching well above his own weight” gender imbalanced pairings in movie historySeth Rogen, detailed in full his one and only encounter with our favourite Canadian jerk, Justin Bieber. The long and short of it? Seth didn’t exactly look at him terribly favourably. Some choice cuts from the extended story, detailed on the Howard Stern show: “He’s a little bit of a motherfucker.” “He’s a bit of a dick.” “He’s a piece of shit.” Y’know, not to put too fine a point on things. But far be it for the Beeb to simply leave it alone and let the story die. He’s gone and responded in typical JB fashion – he’s tweeted about it.

Let’s break this down, shall we? Bieber (pictured above in the standard issue uniform of the douchebag, complete with street vendored Native American shirt that even a City College frat boy 5 FourLoko’s deep into Spring Break in Panama Beach would think twice about buying) issues his own personal form of apology, which is to kind of apologise, but to drench it in humblebrag first. Kind of like a salad that’s more ranch than roquette; it’s technically what it’s supposed to be, although not really at all.

Not bothering to tag Rogen’s twitter handle in the tweet – presumably because he couldn’t figure out how to spell “Rogen” properly – we get the kind of sarcastic, petulant response that we’ve come to know and love from J-Boogie. Didn’t want to go over the top? In the sense that he didn’t throw eggs at his house or block the corridor off to do burnouts around his dressing room door, he certainly achieved that goal.
But still, it must be comforting to know that the Beeb is still gracious enough to not let this nasty incident sour his opinion of Rogen’s artistic output. I’m sure that, ever since Rogen’s momentary lapse of clarity, he’s been breaking out in cold sweats at night wondering if Beebs was going to remain a fan of the films he’s been in. Thank heavens that’s been cleared up.
Seriously, it can only be a matter of time before someone in Hollywood pitches a Bieber for the lead in a Problem Child reboot. And if it hasn’t happened already, catch me on the next flight all the way to Moneyville.
Photo: Harry How via Getty Images.