Justin Bieber Has A New Face Tattoo So That’s Just How 2019 Is Gonna Be

Justin Bieber has committed to another teeny tiny face tattoo, which seems like the next logical step in the overall progression of his style and aesthetic.

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Celebrity tattooist JonBoy took to Instagram to share an image of the 24-year-old pop juggernaut sporting the word “grace” in delicate cursive above his right eyebrow.

“Gods (sic) grace is sufficient in our weakness and it is by Gods (sic) love we here for 2019!”, the tattooist said in the image’s caption.

It’s the second little banger JonBoy – birth name Jonathan Valena – has tattooed on Bieber’s face, following a minuscule cross he inked on the singer back in 2016.

Speaking of the circumstances surrounding that mini crucifix, JonBoy told Refinery29 “I could sense that he was dealing with such heaviness, and then we got to pray together.

“It was one of those moments I’ll never forget, because it really reminded me why I do what I do, why I’m a tattooer and not a youth pastor.”

That tattoo was matched in 2018 by Bieber’s wife and fellow Hillsong advocate Haley Baldwin last year.

For what it’s worth, JonBoy has made a name for himself by tattooing vanishingly small numbers on other celebrities and supermodels, including Kendall Jenner, Zayn Malik, and Bieber’s face-inked mate Post Malone. 

All of this is to say the seal is officially broken, and you could reasonably expect Bieber to go for face tattoo #3 before the year is out.