Justin Bieber Will Voice The ~God Of Love~ In New Animated Flick ‘Cupid’

Canadian singer, actor, and sometimes loose unit Justin Bieber has a new project coming up. It’s an animated flick called Cupid and it’s in partnership with Mythos Studios. 

In case the title isn’t enough of a giveaway, the flick will centre on the god of love, desire, and affection from classic mythology. The cheeky god is known for being heaps playful and mischievous as he flutters around with his magical bow and stirs shit up. Once shot into someone’s butt, Cupid’s arrow creates an instant desire of love for the first person they clasp eyes on.

Bieber will voice the god and he’ll also be the executive producer for the film.

Considering Bieber’s reputation as one of his generation’s major heartthrobs, this is the perfect role for him.

Although from childhood ideas of ol’ Cupid, I personally imagine Bieber-Cupid as the below:

In case you think this is a joke, Bieber confirmed the news via his Instagram yesterday much to the hearty content of his always passionate fans:

Mythos Studios is still the new kid on the block, only recently founded back in March of this year by Scooter Braun and David Maisel. 

Braun worked with Bieber back on that 2011 classic Never Say Never while film producer Maisel has the first two Iron Man films, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and The Incredible Hulk on his CV. Maisel is the co-founding chairman of the Marvel Studios which explains a helluva lot. Before shaking on an extremely expensive deal with Disney, Maisel was the CEO of Marvel Entertainment.

In other words, this Cupid movie’s sounding real promising.

It’s still seriously early days though so there’s yet to be a release date or any other details but for the moment we know a) Justin Bieber’s playing Cupid and b) It’s an animated film. Maybe, just maybe it’ll also be an animated musical.

We’ll keep ya updated.