So here’s another big lesson in Never Trust What You See On The Internet: it turns out that sacrilegious photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways was staged and the bloke in the pic isn’t even the Biebz.


People were sketchy about the pic to begin with for a myriad of reasons, one of them being that the clothes don’t seem to match anything Bieber has previously worn.

The look itself seemed to match his laid-back, Californian aesthetic but each individual article of clothing has never actually been worn by the singer.

Another reason being that only one photo of the bizarre incident exists whereas usually whenever the Biebz does so much as take a breath of air, there are loads of fans and paps in tow who go on to share photos and videos of the singer.

So why did just this one photo surface?

I’ll tell ya why: ‘coz it’s fake bloody news!

The Blast spoke to the original sharer of the pic, a guy named Conor who told the media outlet that the photo was taken on a Friday in a park in West Hollywood.

After the photo went viral across the interwebs, a group called Yes Theory uploaded a video to their YouTube channel, admitting the entire thing was fake.

In the video, the guys reveal that they flew a lookalike Bieber in from his native Canada and dressed him up to look like the singer. They then shared the photo to Reddit and before they knew it, the pic was a viral sensation.

Still a little fuzzy on the ‘why tho?’ but ya gotta give the guys props for going viral over absolutely nothing.

Suss out the whole video below: