Zack Snyder Legit Snuck A Meme Into The New Justice League Trailer & We *Do* Live In A Society

Justice League Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder‘s Justice League (actual titled) now has an official trailer, and apart from promising buttloads of action and impressive cinematography and graphic effects, it has also embraced an age-old meme used by edgy shitposters. Fun!

In case you’ve missed out on the news, Zack Snyder hopped off the director’s seat for 2017’s Justice League after a personal tragedy, and since then has alluded to the existence of a ‘Snyder’s Cut’ of the film that is supposedly much better in almost every way.

Now, the cut is going to see the light of day, with HBO Max releasing four massive episodes filled with premium content. We’re talking reshoots, extra scenes, and more Joe Manganiello with a shitty haircut. Colour me excited, despite the fact that I never watched the original Justice League, which was critically slammed.

The trailer doesn’t really show us anything that we weren’t already expecting. Gal Gadot is back as Wonder Woman, Ben Affleck is the brooding Batman, and Henry Cavill, my husband, is back as Superman.

However, the part of the trailer that is capturing the internet’s attention comes at the very end, when Jared Leto, who is (unfortunately) back as The Joker, says this miraculous line straight out of a meme.

“We live in a society.”

The worst part is, he’s being dead serious when he says it. My friends, we really do live in a society.

Watch the trailer right here, but skip to the very end if you just wanna witness the line in all its glory.

The meme, of course, was embraced by Jared Leto, who commented the quote alongside a trailer for the Snyder’s cut.

Leto wasn’t the only one who embraced the memes though, with Twitter going absolutely nuts over the inclusion of the line in Justice League.

In case you don’t know much about the meme, it’s basically an absurd creation from the pits of 4chan, Reddit and 9gag. It takes the pretty stupid term “this says a lot about our society,” and turns it into a joke. Most of the time the meme is used alongside a picture of The Joker, who is basically the figurehead of cringy online figures.

I could truly spend an entire article talking about the origins of the meme, but that basically sums it up.

Here are some memes to help you understand the absurdity.

I’m quite excited to see how this Justice League turns out. After all the hype, one can only hope things go well.