‘Justice League’ Just Dropped A Fairly Dang Epic Trailer At Comic Con

The good stuff from Comic Con just keeps on coming, and now, we have our first proper look at Warner Bros‘ heavily-hyped superhero team-up Justice League
We’ve been burned by excellent trailers before – *cough* Suicide Squad *cough* – but we have to say that at first glance, this latest outing into the DC cinematic universe looks pretty bloody epic.  
The film sees the world’s superheroes converging to face a new threat after the death of Superman, and the trailer focuses a lot on Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Womanwho is also getting a sequel after her wildly successful solo outing
Ben Affleck‘s gruff Batman, the brains behind the operation, collects a pay cheque appears alongside Jason Momoa‘s aquatic thirst trap AquamanEzra Miller‘s quippy The Flash, and Ray Fisher‘s butt-kicking Cyborg.  
The film is out in Australia on November 16 this year, and its sequel is currently in production. 
Warner Bros. also released this official Justice League poster today, and we’ll just say that it has a strong COEXIST vibe and leave it at that:

Source: YouTube.
Photo: Warner Bros.