Jurassic World Is Set To Be The Fastest Film To Reach $1Billion At The Box Office

Monsters on the screen = a monster money-making machine.

The giant ball of fun that is Jurassic World (and HOLY SHIT is it ever a fun time with big dinos) is set to smash one of the loftiest finance-based film records, with the fourth instalment in the much beloved Jurassic Park series set to become the fastest film to hit a Box Office gross of one BILLION dollars.
The Colin Trevorrow directed, Chris Pratt starring megalith is now likely to tip over the mark at some point today – a mere 13 days after its official release.
After smashing the opening weekend record gross, raking in over $500million in just a few short days, the film maintained its rage to finish weekend number two with a grand total of $981million taken in globally.
That rate will have seen the billionth dollar handed over to the film at some point on Monday US time, according to the film’s distributers at Universal Studios.
In doing so, not only will it become the 22nd film of all time to generate $1billion in box office receipts, but it will better the mark of 17 days set by Furious 7 – it’s interesting to note that of those 22 films, 15 have been released in the past 5 years alone.
The success of both World and Furious 7 this year has seen Hollywood‘s overall take rebound by 6% compared to this point last year. A weak summer blockbuster period saw box office takes fall by 5% overall. Combined with an impending new Star Wars film in December, and Hollywood is set to have a bumper year.
What does this mean? More big budget sequels for things.
Even if you never realised you’d been asking for them.
via Time.com.