A ‘Jurassic World’ Short-Film Just Dropped & Yep, Dinos Running Free In America Was A Bad Idea

jurassic world battle at big rock

Everyone drop what you’re doing because the new Jurassic World short-film, Battle At Big Rock, just aired and it’s everything you could ever want and more.

Jurassic Park first entered our hearts back in 1993, and ever since it’s been our cinematic gateway to prehistoric life, and likely the only thing keeping some dickhead rich dude actually making it happen IRL.

Since ’93, we’ve had two Jurassic Park sequels, and two follow up Jurassic World additions to the franchise. And surprisingly, none of them have been complete shit. So obviously, I lost my fucking mind when I saw that the official short-film ‘Battle At Big Rock‘ dropped today, and so should you.

I know what you’re thinking, any film/tv franchise that’s been going this long is bound to have been completely ruined for the sake of making a quick buck, but the Jurassic franchise somehow manages to avoid that every single time. They’re not always cinematic masterpieces, but you never walk out of a Jurassic film regretting it.

The 8-minute short film is set a year after the events of the last film, and seems like it’s a bit of a teaser for the final instalment of the film series that has consumed my life. Obviously, they weren’t just going to set a bunch of killer dinosaurs free in the middle of America and not tell us what happens, right?

We’re introduced to two brand spankin’ new dinosaurs and get our first taste of what it’s like when the dinosaurs are forced to co-exist with humans on the mainland.

The film was shot by Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow on a next-to-nothing budget in the middle of Ireland, but even on a shoestring budget, it still manages to remind you exactly how much of a fucking terrible idea it is to set a bunch of man-eating prehistoric predators loose in the middle of the US.

The final instalment in the film series, tentatively titled Jurassic World 3, is set for release sometime in 2021, so I guess this short-film will just have to satisfy your needs for the next two years.

This bad boy is only 8-minutes long, so you’ve got absolutely no excuse NOT to watch it. You’ve probably spent longer than that on the toilet.