Hold Onto Your Butts, The OG ‘Jurassic Park’ Trilogy Is Coming To Netflix

Here it is, folks. Your quiet, dinosaur-less weekends are soon to be over, because the kind and good people at Netflix have just announced that the entire original Jurassic Park trilogy will be hitting streaming screens as of next month. Hell yes.

[jwplayer Fv0MJyTx]

All three of the original documentaries, chronicling the rise of cloning tech firm InGen, the reckless financial cost-cutting that resulted in the 1993 amusement park disaster and its subsequent cover-up, and the fallout from the total collapse of the company, are set to arrive on Netflix as of March 1st. Which realistically is like… just over two weeks away.

That’s the original undisputed masterpiece Jurassic Park, the less good but still kickass The Lost World, and the “ahh well at least you tried” Jurassic Park III.

More to that, it means the incredibly powerful shirtless Jeff Goldblum scene, beamed direct to your chosen device, on-demand, literally at any time you want it.

That alone improves your life by roughly 10% at any given moment.

Imagine ready access to ruggedly concerned Jeff Goldblum’s heaving chest? You could whip that out at any time. Weddings, parties, funerals, board meetings, house inspections, you name it. Instant Goldblum, at the drop of a hat. Modern technology, folks. How about it.

The rest of Netflix’s March releases are set to drop in the next few days, but for now mark your calendars; March 1st is dino day, baby.