Julian Assange Will be a Model at London Fashion Week

With that striking white hair and those eyes that say “tell me all your secrets”, it was only a matter of time before Julian Assange gave modelling a try. Finally, it seems the Wikileaks founder and exiled hottie will get his chance – designer Ben Westwood has booked him to do a show at this year’s London Fashion Week.

Ben, the son of the famed Vivienne Westwood, is doing a “fringe event” at Fashion Week in September, and is hoping that the “good looking” Assange will be able to take part. “Julian is a popular hero,” the designer said. “He has done a great deal to change public opinion.” Yeah, and he can crack secure government passwords on his washboard abs. 

The show will be happening at London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange is currently holed up in exile. He is one of seven models who will participate, and silver-haired daddy George Clooney has been invited along. Westwood’s designs are reportedly inspired by the spaghetti western films of Clint Eastwood, meaning Assange may or may not be rocking a killer hat.

Not everyone is thrilled about the decision. Assange is currently facing rape charges in Sweden, and anti-rape campaigner Jill Saward has criticised the move as “distasteful”, and says that he should go there and clear his name instead of sitting around embassies, costing the government money and strutting his stuff on the catwalk.

Photo: Oli Scarff via Getty Images