Julian Assange Definitely Approves Of The Julian Assange Movie

Variety called it “one of the smallscreen events of the year”, The Sydney Morning Herald, “gripping, tense, exquisitely paced”, and The Hollywood Reporter, “an engrossing look at how the activist instinct is born”. But what exactly does the geo-locked web warrior who was actually there think of Underground: The Julian Assange Story?

Good things, apparently, according to Ten news anchor Hamish MacDonald who recently visited the Ecuadorian embassy in London to deliver a DVD copy of the movie to the Wikileaks founder in preparation for his new TV special Julian Assange: A TEN News Special.

“I hand delivered a copy of the movie to the embassy a few Sunday nights ago, with a couple of beers and some popcorn and he had a very favourable response to the movie,” MacDonald said. “He particularly likes the actor who plays him.”

But not as much as he likes himself.

“He was pausing the film every 15 minutes to explain the context surrounding certain scenarios portrayed in the film. I think there’s stuff in there that probably even the people quite close to him are not really familiar with.”

Underground: The Julian Assange Story premieres at 8pm this Sunday.