Julia Morris Is Hosting A New Version Of ’80s Dating Show ‘Perfect Match’

Julia Morris, whose current TV gig involves ushering celebrities into the jungle and thirsting over Dr Chris Brown, has been announced as the host of her own new dating show, a revamped version of the ’80s classic Perfect Match.

It was announced overnight that Channel Ten will air Blind Date, which is based around the tried and true dating show formula of a contestant asking deep and meaningful questions like “what’s your dream holiday destination?” to a panel of three possible love interests.

The original Perfect Match featured a bevy of fashion-forward mullets, and also included a sassy robot called Dexter, although it’s unclear if his incomprehensible bleeps and bloops will be included in the new version of the series.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, Julia Morris said:

“It has a speed dating vibe to it and success will very much be in how much thought our contestants are putting into their answers … The very exciting thing for me about this format is it’s not a dating show; it’s a comedy dating show.”

It is not yet known when Blind Date will premiere.

Speaking of comedy dating shows, though, Bachelor In Paradies continues tonight, with Jarrod Woodgate primed to enter the fray and possibly steal Keira Maguire’s heart. Our bodies are as ready as they’ll ever be to see how that one plays out.