Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Co-Stars Did A Hella Sweet Video For Her Cancer Battle

Late last month, Veep star and delightful human being Julia Louis-Dreyfus announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and the internet rallied around her as she maintained a positive outlook and encouraged Americans to keep fighting for universal healthcare.

Earlier this week, she returned to Instagram with an update on her cancer battle, announcing that she had completed her second round of chemotherapy. “We are not fucking around here,” she wrote, alongside some lyrics from Katy Perry‘s ‘Roar.’

She thanked her Veep co-stars Tony Hale and Timothy Simons for their “hilarious and loving inspiration” and overnight, revealed the source of that inspiration, posting a video that the two sent her to inspire her during her chemo session.

“How lucky am I that these bozos have my back?” she wrote alongside the video, which shows the two dancing to ‘Roar’ while Simons, in the role of cancer, gets hit in the nuts. “What a moving inspiration to my day. I’ve watched it a gazillion times.”

Messages of support and encouragement have flooded in for the beloved actress, with former vice-president Joe Biden wishing her a swift recovery. “We Veeps stick together,” he wrote alongside a photo of the pair:

We love you, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, get well soon.

[Also: use this as a reminder to please CHECK YOUR BREASTS. Learn how here.]