More than anything in this country, we love an underdog. We love underdogs even more than we like racism. We love people that give things a bloody go and we hate the institutions that try to stop people from giving things a bloody go. So it’s unsurprising that people have rallied around Natasha Exelby, an ABC24 host who got caught unaware by a cut back to the desk and was shortly thereafter reported to have been banned from further on-air rolewith the ABC.

Video of an astonished-looking Natasha speeding through her lines after being rudely interrupted from gazing in fascination at a pen went viral over the weekend because, duh, newsreaders cocking up is hilariously funny.

It’s funny because newsreaders are trained to be unyielding, personality-free vessels via which news is delivered, so any glimpse at a fallible human nature or, say, a personality is an absolute delight. We bloody eat it up. 

Unfortunately, the ABC didn’t see the humour in it, deciding to give her the boot – at least from being on this side of the camera. Rightfully, this provoked all manner of outrage and a groundswell campaign to get the ABC to pull their head in is already picking up a lot of speed, with fellow TV personalities taking to the hashtag “#PutYourBloopersOut” in solidarity.

While we’re being honest, I did a Facebook live video last week and said that ‘The Notebook‘ was a 2005 film, when in reality, it’s from 2004. Truly embarrassing.

The hashtag was started by News Corp TV editor Holly Byrne and, in addition to the stirring show of solidarity from broadcasters, also dug up this incredible video from 2010 of Lee Lin Chin being thirsty as hell – get it, girl:

If that doesn’t convince the ABC to get their shit together, I don’t know what will.

Source: Twitter / @ABCmediawatch.