Joseph Quinn Recreated Eddie Munson’s Iconic Stranger Things Guitar Scene W/ Actual Metallica

Metallica and Joseph Quinn From Stranger Things

Everyone’s favourite long-haired yahoo from season 4 of Stranger Things Joseph Quinn (AKA: Eddie Munson) has just jammed out with Metallica. Yes, the same band that created the metal AF “Master of Puppets” guitar solo he performed on the show. Talk about coming full circle!

Metallica (who have been around since before most of us were even born) were playing at Lollapalooza in Chicago when this historic jam sesh with Quinn occurred.

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During a video captured backstage at the fest, Quinn is seen spinning a yarn with the Metallica band members who profess their love for Stranger Things.

“I’m a big fan of it (the show). Have been since season one” lead singer James Hetfield told Joseph Quinn.

“My kids and I…It’s been a bonding experience for us”.

Okay, turns out one of the most badass metal bands in the world is … wholesome?

“Thanks for doing it justice by the way” continued Hetfield regarding Quinn’s performance of the classic 1986 Metallica track.

The band and Quinn then proceeded to jam harder than a jar of Cottee’s. Which, for reference, is pretty damn hard.

“We’d like to make an announcement”,  began drummer Lars Ulrich.

“Metallica is now a five-piece, guys!”

TBH, I always thought the band could use some more youthful energy.

If you didn’t already have FOMO from this whole ordeal, the stacked festival lineup also included acts like Green Day, Dua Lipa, Machine Gun Kelly and Doja Cat.

We were are unable to confirm whether Joseph Quinn jammed out with those musicians too but I guess anything’s possible.

Stranger Things season four has become a never-ending story (sorry) in terms of news over the past few months.

Earlier in July, we found out that the show had been ~inspired~ by a scene in High School Musical. Excuse moi?