Like goddamn clockwork, Jordyn Woods‘ life as Kylie Jenner‘s sugar baby continues to go to the shits. The latest update? She’s been removed, obliterated, booted from Khloé Kardashian‘s Good American line after she and Tristan Thompson – the bloody father of Khloé’s baby – were caught making out at a party. GONE.

Jordyn had been a brand ambassador for Good American since the size-inclusive brand launched in 2016.

The very good eyes over at Cosmopolitan appeared to spot the ‘404 Not Found’ error first and after a quick suss and a screenshot, there’s just no denying it. Jordyn is no longer a Good American ambassador. Her page on the website comes up with ‘Not Found’.


Jordyn Woods Has Been Cut From Khloé’s Good American Website & That’s The Tea
Credit: Good American

You can find all the other ambassadors, HERE.

If this doesn’t confirm Tristan was caught cheating – yet again – we don’t know what will. Jordyn, Kylie’s former best pal, and Tristan were apparently “all over each other” at a party according to TMZ. Once the Kar-Jenner clan caught whiff of this and reportedly confirmed the news through guests at the same party, it was all over. Khloé dropped Tristan’s ass and Jordyn moved out of Kylie’s guesthouse. And, if the reports are to be believed, Kylie even put her Kylie Cosmetics Jordy lipkit on sale.

Yesterday, Jordyn made her first public appearance to promote her collaboration with faux eyelash company Eylure. 

Technically Jordyn did say a couple of words about the whole shitshow but at the same time, she really didn’t.

Thank you for supporting, through everything that’s been going on, you know it’s been real,” she said.

Yeah, cool.

Anywho, Good American is now available on The Iconic so at least that’s something we can all have fun with while we await the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Source: Cosmopolitan
Image: AAP / /John Nacion